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pboted (Plus Bote Daemon) - is a standalone C++ implementation of I2P-Bote protocol.

I2P-Bote is a server-less encrypted DHT Kademlia-based email protocol.
You can find more details it Bote section.

Interaction with the I2P network occurs through the I2P router SAMv3 interface. Tested with I2P routers i2pd and Java I2P.


Please note that pboted version 0.7.X is still in alpha. During this period, there may be significant changes in the application.

Transition to beta planned in version 0.9.X


Planned Features

  • Custom per identity/user email folders
  • Sending email anonymously
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Sending and receiving via relays (similar to Mixmaster)
  • Interfaces for interaction with third-party applications (IMAP, etc.)


Last update: 2022-07-07