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Identities file

Stores all email identities the local user has created.
The file uses the Java Properties format.

The following property keys are currently stored and recognized (N is an integer index):

Field Description
identityN.publicName The public name of the identity, included in emails
identityN.key Bote Identity
identityN.salt Salt used to generate a fingerprint
identityN.description Description of the Bote Identity, only displayed locally
identityN.picture User picture in a browser-compatible format (JPG, PNG, GIF) encoded with Base64
identityN.text Text associated with the Bote Identity
identityN.published Has the Bote Identity been published to the public addressbook?

You can find information about Bote Identity in Cryptography of I2P/Bote protocol.

The identities file can optionally contain the property key default, with its value set to an Email Destination.

Address Book

See Address Book.

Password Encryption

The identities file, the address book, and all email files are encrypted with AES-256.
To generate the AES key from the password, scrypt ( is used.
The file format is:

Field #bytes Description
SOF 4 Start of file, contains the characters "IBef"
VER 1 Format version, must be 1
N 4 scrypt CPU cost parameter
r 4 scrypt memory cost parameter
p 4 scrypt parallelization parameter
SALT 32 Salt for scrypt
IV 32 IV for AES
DATA The encrypted data

Parameters N through SALT are cached in a file named derivparams so all encrypted files can use the same key derivation parameters.
This makes decryption much faster because the key only needs to be derived once per session.

Last update: 2023-03-10