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You may need the utilities from the pboted-tools repository to work with pboted.
In the near future, this functionality will be implemented as a CLI utility.

You can only continue to use your Email identities from i2p.i2p-bote if:

  • address is created using the one of the follow algorithm (others are not supported yet):
    • ECDH-256/ECDSA-256/AES-256/SHA-256
    • ECDH-521/ECDSA-521/AES-256/SHA-512
  • identities file is not encrypted (encrypted files are not supported yet)

Create Email identity


After making changes to identities.txt file the application must be restarted

Email identity in I2P/Bote network is the equivalent of a mailbox in regular email. After its creation, you will be able to send and receive emails.

Before you get started, you need to create an email identity yourself. See create_identity

Sending email


After successful sending, the email file will be modified and moved to the sent directory

  • Any valid MIME file with valid FROM and TO headers in outbox directory will be sent
  • Follow headers will be added to the file after initial processing:
    • X-HashCash
    • X-I2PBote-Signature
  • Will be created <Message-ID>.meta service information file in outbox directory
  • If mail sent successfully files <Message-ID>.mail and <Message-ID>.meta will be moved to sent directory



When sending via SMTP, a MIME file will also be created in the outbox directory


Via outbox directory

  • Prepare plain test message
  • Format it with message_formatter
  • Put result file to outbox directory in pboted working directory
  • pboted will automatically check outbox and send email

Receiving email

After starting with a generated identity the application will begin its normal job of searching for mail.

Via inbox directory

If mail for identity are found, they will be placed in the inbox directory as a plain text file.


See POP3

Third party applications

You can use any third party application that supports SMTP and POP3 protocols.

Be aware that there is significant latency on the I2P network.
It also adds a delay from the I2P/Bote network itself.

Otherwise, any application should treat pboted as normal email server.

Last update: 2023-03-10