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This feature allows you to use short names when forming letters by third-party applications via SMTP or outbox directory.

This feature is most useful for sending emails from applications that expect usual email addresses.



Do not edit addressbook.txt file while pboted is running as it will be overwritten.

First you need to fill in file addressbook.txt in pboted data directory.
Usually it is /var/lib/pboted/addressbook.txt or ~/.pboted/addressbook.txt.

For example:

# Each line is in the format: <alias>;<name>;<dest>;
#   alias = for replacement in SMTP (<user>@<domain>)
#   name = pupblic name of identity
#   dest = base64 public bote address
# The fields are separated by a semicolon character.
# Lines starting with a # are ignored.
# Do not edit this file while pboted is running as it will be overwritten.

johnd1@bote.i2p;John Doe 1;24noEIMPvV9CEwrSWQtIsTA7balaZ80ZOGRBAzrsBl5nv9xud~k28d9TQIgXmyyCYtHl8PJASAFDeefSc6EJ81;John Doe 2;l0pnj08OwrlWMDZjeuntl~pyI7rrtq2bhcxsYPXlMAo7uI3bOBph5pUAgVT5MWxg8lFPYvT2O6LpPVUHL-Sqdl

When you're done filling out the addressbook.txt file, start the pboted.

Now you able to use aliases in your TO field in application.

Last update: 2023-03-08